Motto: "Others" Emblem: Rising Sun
Song: "My Sunshine Girl" Flower: Yellow Rose

Welcome to the Official Indiana Sunshine Society Website
Fall State Meeting: Nov. 2nd at Western Boone High School

 2019-2020 Theme: "Sunshine: A Gift To Others"

Indiana Sunshine Society
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Indiana Sunshine Society


          A girl dreamed a dream of service.  A woman of vision gave the needed guidance and direction of activities that made possible the realization of this dream.  The seed for the Indiana Sunshine Society was planted in the person of Miss Marguerite Dice, a senior in the Crawfordsville High School Class of 1901.

The plant was nurtured to mature growth by Miss Anna Willson, principal of the Crawfordsville High School.  A group of high school girls had already done work with some of the poor children of the city and now Marguerite Dice was inspired to widen their activities to shut-ins, the old and the sick.

          Miss Willson recognized that the idea of spreading sunshine would be good motivation in any girls’ organization.  The idea of sharing their own happiness appealed to these girls.  The first Sunshine Society of Indiana was organized.

          The name “Sunshine meant “Let your light shine”. The Motto was “Good Cheer.”  The colors-yellow and white symbolize sunshine and purity.  The membership fee consisted of some act that would carry sunshine where it was needed.  The object of the society was to “scatter seeds of kindness among the old, the sick, the needy, and to weave a golden thread of kindness through the everyday lives of all.”  The first pin was a small canary, a replica of Miss Wilson’s canary, Sunny.  The creed was the one used today (with little change) and was written by Miss Wilson.

          This tiny seed grew into a strong plant for Miss Wilson exemplified the ideas of the society-giving herself, reaching out, strengthening, encouraging, lifting, brightening the lives of all with whom she came in contact.  The society attracted the attention of the townspeople and they gave it loyal support, both moral and financial.  News of its success was spread over the state and its work was recognized as being an excellent character builder.  Soon many high schools organized similar societies.

          Over one hundred years later, the Indiana Sunshine Society still exists in Indiana high schools.   Sunshine continues to serve “others”, with over a thousand members of young men and women.

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